Breaking Bad: Break Down

breaking-bad-season-5-gets-premiere-date-e1343220655422FYI: Spoiler Alert

Breaking Bad’s last season came and went too fast for fans such as myself. It was difficult to accept that Walter White and his mischievous crystal meth business came to an end.  This mind-boggling show premiered back in 2008 and I have watched it gain the popularity and respect it deserves throughout the years. Unlike other TV shows, Breaking Bad’s well-planned storyline includes the perfect amount of a thrill and suspense. At times its gruesome and things take a turn for the worst, but it never fails to encompass the title of the show; how Mr. White, literally, breaks into a bad character. When I compare the man Walter was in the first season to the person he became by season four, I noticed that he transformed from a slouchy pushover to a tall, blunt man because of the hidden back bone he eventually grew. His backbone allowed him to kill those who threatened to blow his cover, manipulate Jesse to stick around to be his partner, and live a double life that slowly merged into one.

The only people who kept Walt from going insane was his family and once he lost that, he broke into the type of behaviors he did not intend to undergo.

In the last season, Walter tells his wife over the phone, “I told you Skyler, I warned you for a solid year: You cross me, and there will be consequences.” After this scene, he is left fending for his life and begins to plot how he will stay out of the DEA’s sight, all while killing those who knew too much about the drug business he was trying to leave behind. The last episode of season five is not the marvelous ending most fans anxiously waited to see; yet it left us at ease when Walt allowed Jesse to run away, and Todd and his Uncle’s “gang” were cleverly killed. The last five minutes of the finale shows how a lost bullet pierces Walter’s lower abdomen and he walks towards the laboratory in Todd’s Uncle’s garage and he dies near the blue Methamphetamine, where all of his troubles began and came to an end.

For those who did not notice the song playing in the background, I believe it signifies the love he never admitted he had for his blue creation. In Season 5, Episode 16, the song states, “Guess I got what I deserve/ Kept you waiting there, too long my love/ All that time, without a word/ Didn’t know you’d think, that I’d forget, or I’d regret/ The special love I have for you/ My baby blue.”

This final song sums up the journey Walter White immersed himself in and although he lost more that he had ever won, cooking the baby blue had become a part of his new identity, and he transformed into Heisenberg.

Diana Romero