Captured: True Blood Season 6

*There are SPOILERS below*

Horror is manifested through the racism and extreme hatred towards supernatural creatures in HBO’s True Blood’s Season 6. For those unfamiliar with the premise of the show, True Blood follows telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse in the fictional town of Bon Tempe, Louisiana. She lives in a world where vampires coexist with humans, but humans and vampires both disrupt the peace. Sarah Newlan, as depicted in the following video clip, is one such extremist that propels the Vampire Eradication Cause.

As much as we want to hate Sarah and all the evil that she represents, I believe she is a great character because she shows how destructive hate can be. Her ignorant comments, outlandish ideas, and seductive outfits make my blood boil in her cruelty and irony. Directors and writers did an incredible job creating her character. I don’t know a single person who has seen the series and does not want to kill Sarah with the high heel she uses to murder the True Blood Representative in order to keep her scheme quiet. In my opinion, one of the most ridiculous lines of the entire season, as shown in the video clip, is when she tells Steve Newlan, “the truth is, if you really want to do God’s work then you have to be in politics.” In this clip we see how delusional she truly is, such as when she claims she feels “holey” when she has sex with Jason, even if she is in another relationship. Then, when Sarah realizes Jason has slept with Jessica, who is a vampire, she has no problem calling Jessica nasty names and calling the concentration camp people to drag her to the vampire concentration camp. The horror that she adds to the lives of so many undeserving people is infuriating.

By far the most notable aspect of Season 6 is the horror contained in this camp. As Sarah tells Steve, the camp “is everything [they] ever dreamed of…God’s master plan to save the human race by eradicating the vampire race.” Writers obviously made a connection between the world’s own terrible histories, such as the holocaust and segregation before civil rights in the United States. Being in their situation is unimaginable. The vampires are forced to partake in numerous ‘studies’ that would be easily found in a nightmare, such as when Sarah and a doctor attempt to get Jessica and a vampire stranger to have sex in the name of a “copulation study”. If the vampires do not want to partake in studies of pain tolerance, sexual drive, and physical endurance, among other things, they are tortured. There is no doubt in my mind that this camp, along with other aspects of racism mentioned in the series, is a strong political message. What other parallels do you see?

True Blood is no teenage-vampire-soap-opera. It has a way with hooking its audience on every plot twist and new character, and Season 6 proved to be as smart and alluring as ever.

Season 7, you cannot come soon enough.

Laura Palosaari