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Episode Review: Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker

The episode opens with the panting breaths of Jon Snow, filtered through Davos’s point of view, forcing the viewer to experience Jon’s panic through the otherness of disembodied breath. The only other sound in… Continue reading

The Art of Duende

Since Federico Garcia Lorca, a prominent artists in Spain, known for his poetry and plays, reconstituted the meaning of duende, defining it for a new generation of artists, the word no longer fills… Continue reading

Episode Review: The 100: Red Sky Morning

  What remains of the original 100 have either taken the key and now live in the City of Light or are attempting to destroy Alie, the artificial intelligence bent on chipping all… Continue reading

Notes on the Episode: Fear the Walking Dead: Blood in the Streets

The episode opens with Nick fighting against the tide as he swims to shore. The sudden appearance of a helicopter flying overhead causes him to look up and follow its flightpath, which reveals… Continue reading

Notes on Art Brut

Art brut, also known as outsider art, is not merely an expression of “madness.” It goes beyond the constructs of language into a deeper realm of consciousness. It disobeys the formula of lines,… Continue reading

Breaking Bad: Break Down

FYI: Spoiler Alert Breaking Bad’s last season came and went too fast for fans such as myself. It was difficult to accept that Walter White and his mischievous crystal meth business came to… Continue reading

Why the World Needs Zombies

Everyone needs a zombie. That flesh-eating individual, trying to get by in a pre-apocalyptic world, will mindlessly perform ordered tasks, take out your garbage, clean your garage, or gladly eat your noisy neighbor.… Continue reading

Captured: True Blood Season 6

*There are SPOILERS below* Horror is manifested through the racism and extreme hatred towards supernatural creatures in HBO’s True Blood’s Season 6. For those unfamiliar with the premise of the show, True Blood follows… Continue reading

Costuming Culture

Earlier this year on May 1, the Walt Disney Company filed an application to patent and trademark the phrase “dia de los muertos,” leading to a religious and cultural controversy with the various… Continue reading

American Horror Story: Finding True Horror in Coven

American Horror Story is truly one of the most unique TV series we’ve had in a while. It lives up to its name as it explores both the mythical and the real horrors… Continue reading

Prisoners: The Monsters Within

Prisoners is already being hailed as an Oscar contender this year, for its chilling portrayal of a family in distress as well as its stunning cinematography. Grey skies and pouring rain amplify the… Continue reading