The Editors: Present and Past


Erica Spriggs earned her MFA at San Diego State University. She was first introduced to horror through Mary Shelley and Poe as a high school student and has been hooked ever since.




Alex Ibañez


Alex Ibañez discovered writing by doing poem renditions of The Clash lyrics on his middle school binder. Since then, he’s fallen in love with literature. The dark workings of Poe, King and R. L. Stine might have had something to do with it as well.



Christian Benavides

Christian Benavides is a senior studying English at San Diego State University. Occasionally, he likes to spew poetry out of his fingers. His love for horror stems from many childhood weekends spent lost in Goosebumps and books about ghosts and UFOs. The darkness is his friend



Dee B

Dee B loves reading graphic novels and drinking tea. She is big fan of Stephen King, secondhand bookstores and dark chocolate.





Diana RomeroDiana Romero is a student at San Diego State University with a double major in English and Communication. Born and raised in San Diego, CA, she hopes to be come an English teacher and publish her own poems for the world to see. As a child, she enjoyed  thrillers such as R. L. Stine’s Goosebumps.



Laura Palosaari

Laura Palosaari is a double major in English and Math at San Diego State University. She grew up with the Boxcar Children and Nancy Drew mystery books. Today, she is hooked on the elements of horror in dystopian and romance novels. She hopes to publish her own books and be a high school Math teacher.